Sunday 1 December 2013

Baloch Republican Party chapter Germany (BRP Germany) held protest demonstration in Frankfurt on 30-11-2013

Frankfurt, Germany: The Protest Demonstration to Highlight Occupying State Pakistani Forces Crime Against Baloch People in Earth Quake Affected Areas of Balochistan.

There have been lootings and burnings of houses, brutal killings of innocents including women and children, and arbitrary abductions of the people during military operations in every nook and corner of Balochistan. 

The abducted people get shifted to military torture cells at unknown locations and are subjected to inhumane and worst torture the human history has ever witnessed. The abductions or the enforced disappearances by Pakistani forces in Balochistan mainly target the cream of the Baloch society i.e. the educated youth, political activists, teachers, lawyers, poets, intellectuals and enlightened people belonging to every walk of life.

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