Tuesday 6 October 2015

Germany: BRP seminar on human rights situation in Balochistan held in Leipzig.

Germany: Baloch Republican Party’s Germany Secretary General, Jawad Mohammad Baloch in a statement said that a conference was held to highlight human rights violation, Pakistani barbarism and provide the German civil society with awareness about Balochistan, in Leipzig city of Germany.
The local German Association Club’s representatives have also participated in the conference and the participants were made aware about Balochistan in a documentary translated into German language through a projector.
Addressing the conference, Mr. Jawad Mohammad said that “After the partition of India in 1947, Pakistan annexed Balochistan through its militaristic force against which the Baloch people have been struggling ever since and are demanding the land free of torture and slavery also vowed to continue their struggle till its sovereignty”
“There have been four military operations by Pakistan army to suppress the political struggle of the Baloch people and the fifth is still continuing since 2002” he added.
Mr. Baloch said that “The bombing civilian populated areas, killing of innocent Baloch elders, women, children and the abductions of political activists, students, teachers and Baloch intellectuals by Pakistan army have become a routine.”
He said that Twenty thousand Baloch political activists, leaders affiliated with different pro-freedom organizations or parties were abducted and more than 3000 out of which were killed and dumped after inhuman torture in the custody since the beginning of the fifth military operation (That stills goes on) by Pervez Musharraf.
“The 80 years old Baloch leader and father of the Nation, Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, who struggled against injustice on his people and sought freedom in political ways possible, was killed by Pakistani army during a deadly military operation in which chemical weapons were used on the mountains of Tratani on 26 August, 2006, he said adding that It was the operation which  expanded to the every corner of Balochistan.
He further said that billions of dollars were being utilized in escalating military operations against the Baloch Nation yet again by Pakistani army to established its Gwadar to Kashgar Economic Corridor, “CPEC” in other words, which includes no will of the Baloch people whatsoever.
“The intervention of China in the Baloch soil and investment of billions dollars on so-called CPEC is not acceptable to the Baloch nation and it is all about plundering the wealth of the rich province of Balochistan” Mr. Baloch said.
He said that Pakistan had always tried to mix the Baloch national movement with that of it’s religious extremists organizations, which it has given the impunity in Balochistan, to divert the attention of the international community.
“The religious extremists have been given the task and full impunity for it to target the minorities, such as Shia, Zigri and Hindus in Balochistan to give a wrong impression of the secular Baloch freedom movement and divert the international attention from it” He continued.
He further said that an independent Balochistan could only guarantee peace in the region.
Mr. Jawad Mohammad Baloch urged the human rights organizations including the united nations to play their role to put an end to Pakistan’s barbarism and Baloch genocide in Balochistan.

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