Tuesday 20 October 2015

BRP calls for Shutter-down strike against recent massacre of civilians in Geshkor & Panjgur.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party Central spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that state barbarism and crackdown against the Baloch political activist is continuously escalating.
He said that bombing civilian populated areas, abductions, torture, kill and dump of the Baloch political activists speeded up.
“Yesterday, a brutal military operation took place against the Baloch civilians in Tasp area of Punjgor where large scale military force was brought upon them” He said.
He further said that not only houses were torched but valuables were also looted followed by harassing the resistants of the area including women and children creating the state of fear in the area.
At least five people were martyred and dozens whisked away during the operation.
Meanwhile in Geshkor Awaran, a political gathering organized by Baloch Republican Party was attacked by Pakistani forces in which three activist including the Junior President of the Baloch Republican Students Organization Gishkor zone were killed while many injured including female activists, he stated.
“The Baloch movement could not be defeated through attacks on Baloch political activists and crackdown on political organizations” Mr. Bugti said.
He further said “With it’s double-standard policies, on one hand the state talks about holding peaceful negotiation with Baloch leaders to fool the international community while one the other hand it continue to kill Baloch people to wipe them out from the surface of earth.”
The Baloch Republican Party announced shutter-down strike against military operations, abductions, kill and dump of Baloch political activist in Balochistan and appeals the businessman to participate in the strike to highlight state barbarism, on October 22.
He also said that the silence of international community and human rights organizations over the Baloch genocide and victamization of Baloch political activists is beyond comprehension.
Mr Bugti urged the united nations and the European union to take notice of state barbarism and ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan, and play practical role to put an end to it.

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