Wednesday 19 August 2015

Three key leaders of BRP abducted by Pakistani forces – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that Pakistani forces continue crackdown against political activists.
Mr. Bugti said a large number of party Leader and activists were abducted and missing from past several years, while many of them were killed and dumped after inhuman torture in custody.
Sher Mohammad Bugti said that Party’s finance secretary, Riaz Badini was abducted by Pakistani security forces when he was travelling from to him home from Quetta to Nushki on 22th of January this year, since then his whereabouts remain unknown.
Similarly, Party’s junior vice president, Amir Mohammad is missing since July 21, 2014, he was abducted by Pakistani forces from area between Mastung and Kalat, spokesman said.
While Baloch Republican Party’s organizer of Awaran region, Zahid Baloch, is also missing from past one and half year, he was forcefully disappeared by Pakistani troops, he said.
BRP spokesman said that the news of abductions of Baloch Republican Party central leaders were not made public because of different reasons in the past.
Sher Mohammad Bugti further said Baloch Republican Party Central Committee member Ghulam Mohammad Bugti has been abducted by Pakistani secret agencies from his native district of Naseerabad. Ghulam Mohammad Bugti had been regularly targeted by the Pakistani forces in the past. His house was attacked and looted, family was targeted and farms were burned.
“Party Leader Ghulam Mohammad Bugti was abducted two days ago and there is no news about his whereabouts yet. We are seriously concerned about the safety of party leaders after their abduction by Pakistani secret agencies, some sources say he might be killed & dumped like other Baloch missing persons or might be used to stage a fake surrender like many others recently” he added.
He said state force might use the abducted party leaders as a part of their recent ‘surrender propaganda’. “It is easy to get forced confessions from anybody through use of mental and physical torture under custody”. 
He said state forces cannot deter the political party from the national movement through use of force. “BRP is proud of its leaders and activists who are suffering inhumane torture in the custody of Pakistani forces for national struggle.”

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