Friday 28 August 2015

Balochistan is not limited to two zones of Awaran, BLF should remain in its limits – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party in a statement said that the unnecessary criticism expressed against Baloch nationalist leader and the Chief of BRP Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in a press release given by BLF was an emotional and apolitical statement meant to conceal their own failure.

“It is a foolish act to point yours guns toward a national political party instead instead of the enemy”, the statement read.

The statement said “BLF is not a national organization but an interest groups that prefers its group interests over the Baloch national interest”.
It said sometimes Dr. Allah Nazar would call Mr. Hyrbyar Marri an obstacle in the Baloch movement and sometimes call him the face of the struggle, adding that “Wise people say that a frog inside a well determines the width of the sky based on its view from inside the well”.

“We inform this interest group that Balochistan is not only limited to two zones of Awaran and they should get out of the well  and educate themselves about the situation of Balochistan”.

It was further mentioned in the statement that “Baloch Republican Party pays no attention to such statements but sometimes it is necessary to bring the overly enthusiastic organization in front of the mirror because they have been overly complemented by some groups which made them consider themselves more than who they actually are.”

“Instead of imposing its stance on Baloch Republican Party, it should give further attention to it’s action and try not to dictate others. It would be better for everyone to remain in their limits” the statement read.

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