Friday 10 April 2015

Shutter-down strike observed in Balochistan in tribute to martyrs of Murghaap.

Balochistan:  The Baloch Republican Party and the BRSO in a joint statement, paying homage to the “Martyrs of Murghap”, have said that Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Lala Muneer and Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch sacrificed their precious lives for their nation’s freedom which held them in the Baloch history forever.
The statement reads that “Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Lala Muneer and Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch struggled, despite facing tortures have never compromised with the rules but sacrificed their lives which would be remembered with great respect in the history.”
BRPThey “Martyrs of Murghap” strengthen the freedom movement by sacrificing their lives, the statement says. Shaheed Sher Mohammad had started his political career with BSO_A (Baloch Student Organization) in 1985 and in 1986, he was appointed the Secretary General of the organization’s Mand zone. Because of his deep interest in politics and massive success in his work, he was then elected as the president of the Organization’s Mand zone which was an active zone of the organization in those times during 1987.
He had also remained the Sec general of BSO’s Karachi, central committee member and the Secretary general for it’s Sindh zone and had been very successful in accomplishing his organizational obligations. After the student organization, he would join the Jamory Watan party in 2005 and then he joined and became a central committee member of the Baloch Republican Party under the leadership of Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, after the martyrdom of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti. He was then appointed the deputy Sect General for the Baloch Republican Party during the organization’s Council Sessionsin 2008.
Shaheed Lala Muneer had also began his political career with BSO Azad. He was later appointed as the vice president for the Baloch national Movement under the leadership of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch in 2005. Political career of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch was started with BSO Azad, and he was appointed the central sect general of the organization. He held the chairmanship of the Organization twice during 1990 to 1994 and remained affiliated with the Baloch National Movement after the student organization. He would then become the president of BNM during it’s council session, after remaining the General sect and organizer in the organization.
Shaheed Sher Mohammad and Ghulam mohammad were abducted for the first during a public gathering in Lyari, Karachi on 3 September, 2006. They remained missing for a time after their arrest was made public by the Sibi Police and were later released in 19 September, 2007. They were then abducted along with Shaheed Lala Muneer by Pakistani intelligence agencies from Advocate Kachkol Ali’s office on April 3, 2009. After being inhumanely tortured and killed under custody, their mutilated dead bodies were dumped in Murghap 15 Km away from Turbat in 9 April.
The statement said that “The martyrs of Murghap have become source of defeat for the Pakistani state and their intelligence agencies. Because of their extreme support and following in Balochistan they were targeted by the Pakistani agencies. But the state failed in suppressing their ideology which led thousands in Balochistan including Makran to continue the struggle of the martyrs that still continues because the blood of martyrs wont go in vain but it strengthen the movement instead”.
The martyrdom of heroes in the freedom movement does not leave the movement weak but instead they strengthen it further and today if the Baloch freedom movement stands steadily, its because of those who have sacrificed their lives for it and those who are still bearing inhuman tortures in Pakistani torture cells, it stated.
“The martyrs of Murghap are not with us alive anymore but their ideology will always remain and guide us in our struggle for freedom, the joint statement reads. References were held in the memories “Murghap Martyrs” and richest tribute was paid. While, The Baloch political, human rights, BRSO and BRP activists held an online campaign and gave it a really successful conclusion for which we are very grateful of the participants, the statement said. The Baloch people expressed solidarity with the families of the martyrs by making the strike successful across Balochistan.
Meanwhile, top Baloch nationalist leader and founder of Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in his message on twitter paid tribute to martyrs of Murghap, his tweet reads “BRP and Baloch Nation will always remember Sher Mohammed Shaheed’s struggle and his sacrifice.”

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