Tuesday 7 April 2015

BRSO condemns the systematic genocide of Baloch people and urge immediate action against it.

The Baloch Republican Students Organization spokesman Hamdan Baloch issued a statement condemning the Pakistani forces habitual target killing of Baloch people and serious violations of Human Rights in Balochistan. The state forces, their agencies and backed proxies have been looting and burning villages, torturing and harrassing women and children and innumberably abducting innocent Baloch people. The abducted victims are often tortured to death and their corpses are thrown in desolate areas after their bodies are mutilated.
Pakistani forces killed Qazzafi Baloch and Amir Jamaldini while charactrizing them publicly in a complete wrong way. Qazafi Baloch was abducted four months prior in Quetta, and Amir Jamaldini was abducted by Pakistani forces from Nushki. Their mutilated bodies were dumped in the Gobrat area of Noshki, after being inhumanly tortured and killed. Pakistani forces falsely claimed they had killed the victims during fictitious clashes with militants.
Hamdan Baloch additionally stated that Pakistani Forces abducted numerous Bugti refugees then transferred them into custody of the KhandhKot Police Department. While in custody of the KhandhKot Police, the detained IDPs were subjected to severe acts of torture. A number of women and children were injured as a result of Police torture and feared to be in a very critical condition.
He further admitted that state forces also abducted Kamar-u-Deen and Faiz Bugti during a recent military operation. The abducted Baloch were taken to an undisclosed location and their current status remains a mystery. Grave danger is feared for their lives. Hamadan said that full-scale military deployments are underway, and unusually large numbers of gunship helicopters are patrolling the skies.
The BRSO Central Spokesman announced to support the BRP call for strike on April 9th 2015. BRSO appeals to all business community and shopkeepers to support the April 9th’s strike call and push it toward a positive success. Hamdan Baloch also stated that the BRSO will be holding references on the martyrdom anniversary of “Martyrs of Murghap”; Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch, and Sher Mohammad Baloch to pay them a richest tribute.
Hamdan Baloch appealed the social media activists as well to take part in the online twitter campaign for the Martyrs of Murghap, to express solidarity with the family of the victims and to create awareness of the systematic genocide in Occupied Balochistan using #StopBalochGenocide on April 9th 2015.
Hamdan Baloch further said that the Pakistani state and it’s secret agencies are violating human rights by abducting Baloch people including women and children and executing them under custody leaving no acts of inhuman. He also appeals to all International Media, Human Rights Organizations and the United Nations to break their silence and take tangible actions to stop the genocide in occupied Balochistan.

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