Friday 13 March 2015

Dera Bugti under military siege since five days, ten killed, 40 abducted – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Dera Bugti: At least ten Bugti tribesmen were killed and nearly 40 have been abducted by Pakistani security forces in different areas of Dera Bugti in last five days.
According to the Baloch Republican Party spokesman, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti, Pakistani forces launched an operation in Peertal and Pater Kohr areas of Pirkoh, Dera Bugti in earlier hours of Wednesday. A huge number of armed personnel had participated in the operation.
Three civilians were killed during indiscriminate bombardment of Pakisatani forces, the deceased were identified as Mir Mohammad Bugti s/o Wali Mohammad Bugti, Sher Ali s/o Nozo Bugti, Azim Marri, Galah s/o Durani, Abdul and Rahman s/o Wali Mohammad, however identification of one of the victim remained unknown.
He further said that six people were found wounded after they were abducted by the Pakistani armed forces during operation. While, houses of the innocent civilians were also bombarded which caused them in loss of the very shelters they had.
Mr Bugti said Pakistani forces extended operations in surrounding areas of Sui including Darenjan, Rustum darbar and Shari durbar. At least three people have been abducted and two more were killed. The identities of the abducted men are the followings; Karghi s/o Eido Bugti, Norullah s/o Momdan Bugti & Naizo Bugti. BRP spokesman has said 10 ten people killed and 40 have been abducted so far during operations in last five days.
He ended up saying that “It is being claimed by the Pakistan that the people who are being brutally targetted are the Baloch sarmachar, but in fact they are innocent civilians and villagers. These false claims are the dirty war tactics of Pakistani state which it has been using since years”.

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