Thursday 19 March 2015

BRP leaders met the KIFA leaders and agreed for cooperation on both sides.

Colonge,Germany: Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter had a detailed meeting with the leaders of Kurd-Israel Friendship Association in the city of Colonge, Germany, last sunday.
Ashraf sherjan Baloch president of BRP Germany chapter along with vice president Nasarullah Baloch and Jawad Mohammad represented Baloch Republican Party. While KIFA was represented by its founder Bakhtiyar Ibrahim and president Kardoos. After two minutes silence in the memory of Baloch and Kurd martyrs, summit started.
Ashraf sherJan exposed state atrocities while addressing the meeting and detailed how the Pakistani state have been committing Baloch genocide by using it’s dirty war tactics. Baloch political workers, students, lawyers, doctors, teachers, intellectuals, women in-short Balochs from all faction, are being forcefully abducted, tortured and terrorized and then their mutilated bodies are thrown in areas where they are often found eaten by animals.
He further admitted that the state has been trying to acquaint the secular Baloch freedom movement to the world as a terrorist organization by giving it the color of religious extremism but the history has witnessed the secularism of the Baloch nation and their respect for every religion. However, it is indicated in the manifesto of the Baloch Republican Party that everyone, regardless of their religion, will enjoy their rights and will be treated equally in an independent Balochistan.
He briefed all the present leaders in the meeting about the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan since 1948 and said that “Baloch nation has been struggling peacefully to regain it’s lost independence and on the other hand Pakistan calls it a proxy war and conspiracy of foreign countries, particularly considering India, Israel and Afghanistan responsible for it”
Sherjan Baloch has urged the civilized world to support the freedom movement of the Baloch nation while quoting the ideologic words of his leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti who said “Support to the Baloch cause will be welcomed, whether it would be raised by India or Israel.”
He then said that Pakistan was receiving billions and trillion of dollars in the name of countering terrorism, but in fact the wealth was being used for protection of the same terrorists who have been committing horrific activities in India, Balochistan, US and the rest of the world.
He further said that the world has witnessed the brutalities of Pakistan in Bangladesh during 1971. History is witness of how the Bangali women were raped publicly and their intellectuals were victimized by Pakistan. The same history of Bangladesh is now being repeated in Balochistan.
Leaders of KIFA assured BRP of their supports for the Baloch nation. Ibrahim Bakhtiyar said that Baloch and Kurd nation have been facing the same situation and in order to expose Pakistan they have to work togather. He further that said “its the dire need of time to work together to defeat the enemy.”

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