Friday 14 November 2014

State forces carried operation in Bolan, attacked house of BRP activist in Panjgur.

Balochistan: Pakistani forces carried out a massive aggression in Pura and Nagahi areas of Bolan district on Friday.
According to details Pakistani forces carried out an operation in several areas of Bolan district and abducted four civilians earlier in this morning. Six gunship helicopters have took part in the operation and followed an indiscriminate bombardment in the area which causes a heavy death to wildlife and injured several civilians.
Large number of FC and Pakistani army personnel with at least six gunship helicopters have took parts in the operation and starts bombing civilians houses. Reports also admits that four people were abducted,
women and children were harassed and beaten up by the forces during the operation in Bolan district.
While, several people including shepherds have been injured in the indiscriminate aerial bombardment of helicopters which also caused a heavy death to wildlife of the villagers.
Moreover, Pakistani forces have reportedly attacked the house of Baloch Republican Party activist Hammal Baloch in Punjgor, Balochistan. Beaten up women, children and took away their valuable belongings from their houses.

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