Sunday 16 November 2014

Dera Bugti: Three Baloch women, four children abducted by Pakistani forces

Balochistan: Three Bugti Baloch women along with their four teenage daughters and a son have been abducted by Pakistani security forces from Thondo Pusht near Asreli, Dera Bugti.
Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani forces attacked houses of innocent Bugti Baloch tribesmen in the Asreli area and abducted four Bugti women identified as Mrs Rakhia Bugti, Mrs Sawali Bugti with two of her daughter , Mrs Jalamb Bugti with her two daughters Thondo Pusht near Asreli, Dera Bugti. The whereabouts of the abducted women and children remains unknown until filling of this report.

Baloch Republican Student Organization condemning the horrific and shameful act of Pakistani forces in a statement, stated that torturing, harassing women and then whisking them away has showed the cowardliness of the Pakistani occupying army. “Thousands of Bugti Baloch had flee from Dera Bugti to Afghanistan after the martyrdom of Shaheed e Azam Nawab Akbar Bugti in hands of Pakistani army, the statement reads. The Baloch refugees are being constantly targeted by Pakistani ISI even in Afghanistan, BRSO statement stated.

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