Saturday 23 August 2014

State brutalities continue: 3 Baloch civilians killed in Sui operation – BRP

Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party central spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti said in a statement that Pakistani state barbarism in continue in Balochistan. In the start of August, state forces have increased their operations across Balochistan. State forces were continually attacking civilian populated areas in Dera Bugti, New Kahan and Makuran. They entered houses violently and harassed and tortured the residents, looted the valuables and subsequently set on fire several houses.
Spokesman further said state forces extended their atrocities to other areas of Dera Bugti including Khatan, Doda Tibba, Khanu Qilla and RD 238, where forces indiscriminately bombarded villages, in which three innocent Baloch civilians including two brothers were killed. The victims have been recognized as Dilshad Bugti, Bakhat Ali Bugti and Mehr Ali Bugti.
While many people including women and children were wounded in intense firing and shelling of Pakistani forces. The areas continue to remain under tight military siege and heavy bombardment since the morning.
He said forces abducted several people including tribal elder Wadera Arz Mohammad Bugti his sons Khair Jan and Sher Jan in door to door operation. While mentioning New Kahan and Dasht, he said state forces along with their death squad conducted week long operations and abducted hundreds of Baloch and they shifted them to undisclosed locations.
Mr Bugti rejects state commission’s reports of Totak mass graves. He said that commission was formed to hide the crimes of state. He said that the commission has ruled out the involvement of armed forces and intelligence agencies which is nonsense.
“The report of the commission suggests as if the victims laid in graves themselves or aliens were involved in the incident”, he said.  He said there were evidences of the involvement of state institutions and three of the victims recognized were abducted by Pakistani security forces and statements of their relatives are on record and they held Pakistani forces responsible for their abduction.
Baloch Republican Party appealed International human rights group and civilized word to break their silence over heinous rights violation in Balochistan and raise their voice in support of Baloch rights and struggle for their independent homeland.

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