Monday 11 August 2014

Military operations in Balochistan continue, houses destroyed, hundreds of civilians abducted in latest offensives – BRP

Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party’s central spokesman, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that the atrocities of the occupying state forces such as military operations, indiscriminate bombing on civilians, enforced disappearances, looting and destruction of homes continues full-fledged.
Mr Bugti said Pakistani forces intensified their barbarism in Kharan, New Khan, Dera Bugti and Panjgur during past few days, where forces broke into the houses, women were brutally beaten and a number of houses set on fire. Hundreds of Baloch youths were abducted in a few days of military operations from these areas, he added.
He said, Pakistani forces have abducted approximately 20000 people from Balochistan since 2006 and they are being kept in dark and incommunicado torture cells. More than 2000 of them have been tortured to death under custody.
Moreover, Spokesman further said, state forces attacked Chitkan graveyard In Panjgur, desecrated and destroyed the tombstone of grave of party’s martyred activist Shaheed Siachan Baloch.
Baloch Republican Party strongly appeal to the human rights organizations and civilized world to take immediate note of Pakistani state brutalities against oppressed Baloch nation.

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