Thursday 28 April 2016

BRP demands UN inquiry over Balochistan home secretary confessional statement

Quetta: Akbar Hussain Durrani, the home secretary of Balochistan, admits that security forces have ‘arrested’ 12234 people under national action plan across Balochistan so far.

Mr Durrani in an interview on Tuesday, confessed that armed forces have carried out 2622 ‘intelligence based’ operations in various part of Balochistan, in which forces have killed 323 ‘miscreants’ and arrested more than 12 thousands.

“The situation has improved in the province, and 85 insurgents, including a dozen of key commanders have laid down their arms and have joined mainstream,”  he claimed.

However, home secretary did not mention the whereabouts and the identifications of the held persons.

Meanwhile, the Asian Human Rights Commission in latest statement said that Pakistani armed forces have escalated brutal military operations across Balochistan to crush resistance against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

“The security forces wanted to punish the population of the area who are strongly oppose the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (C-PEC) which will link the country’s best sea port and local population are afraid of being turned into minority and lose the political control of their province” AHRC stated.
Mr Bugti has said that Durrani statement’s confirmed exactly what our party has been telling to the world on every possible forum that Pakistan committing  war crimes by abducting civilians and killing them in their custody and fake encounters. Mr Durani’s statement made it quite clear now, he added.
He said that if 12 thousand abducted within one year as national action plan introduced then what could be the numbers of abductions since the 5th military operation started in 2005.
BRP central spokesman said that Durrani’s statement is confirmation of what the Baloch Republican party is saying for years now, he continued .
Mr Bugti further said that out of 12234 not even a single arrested person brought before any court to prove them convict which is against the international law of justice.
Number of abductees are more than 20,000 and we fear that they will face the same fate as thousands of abducted activists in were killed in their custody and in fake encounter. he added.
Mr Bugti appealed to the human rights groups and UN members states to take practical steps on the confessional statement of Balochistan’s home secretary and launch an inquiry to investigate the facts.
Additionally, according to reports Pakistani force’s laid landmine explosion kills three in Sui, Dera Bugti. The victims of today’s landmine explosion have been identified as; Bagla s/o Dino Bugti, Balo s/o Dilvsh Bugti & Mira s/o Ali Bux Bugti. It is worth to mention here that Pakistani forces and their sponsored armed lashkar plant landmines to target Baloch freedom fighters, which often causing death of civilians.

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