Monday 18 January 2016

Strike observed and references held on martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Ahmadad Baloch

Leipzig, and the Frankfurt: Candles were lightened before pictures of the martyrs commemorating their fifth martyrdom anniversary. The party activists, among whom were women, held prayers as well.
Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted BRP leader, Ahmadad Baloch from Gwadar while he was travelling to Karachi in 3rd Oct, 2010. While, Shaheed Naseer Kamalan, leader of BNM, was abducted by FC in Gwadar while he was on his way back home in Pasni on 5th November 2010.
Their bullet-riddled dead bodies were found, later, in Ormara, a coastal area of occupied Balochistan.
Meanwhile, a shutter down strikes were held in Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar in paying tributes to the martyrs, following the call given by the Baloch Republican Party on the martyrdom anniversary of it’s leader.

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