Thursday 19 February 2015

One disfigured body was found in the Geshkor area of Awaran

Awaran Balochistan: The tortured dead body was identified as Dr. Sanaullah Baloch. According to sources, after the military operation in Geshkor, Commissioner of Kalat Dr. Akbar has identified 9 people who were abducted by Pakistani security forces during the recent military operation in Geshkor.

On February 14th elders from the area raised this issue with the secretary of interior in Quetta. The Commissioner of Kalat assured them the abducted people will be recovered soon, including Dr. Sanaullah Baloch. Unfortunately today, Dr. Sanaullah’s tortured body was found dumped in Zik Geshkor Dr. Sanaullah is not a first doctor who’s tortured dead body dumped its a common  thing in Balochistan Doctors, Journalist, Teachers, Students, Lawyers, Politicians professors dead bodies dumped since 67 years ago.
on February 17 2015 forces abducted Saki Dad from the same Zeek area of Geshkor, State Forces have tortured the residents of Zik and Sandam forcing them to leave the area as soon as possible.
Meanwhile Voice of Baloch Missing Person Hunger strike camp 1902 has been completed they still seeking a way of their beloveds one who have been abducted by Pakistani security agencies from different parts of Balochistan.

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