Friday 26 September 2014

BRP condemns state increasing right violations, urge UN to support Baloch struggle.

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party’s central spokesman Mr Sher Muhammad Bugti in a statement issued on thursday, has strongly condemned Pakistan’s barbarism in Balochistan and recent custodial killings of three Baloch including tribal elder Abdul Aziz Mengal in Khuzdar district.
“State’s inhuman crimes against Baloch nation will never deter us from the struggle for our basic right of freedom. Inspite of using different tactics such as military operations,  enforced disappearances, torture, kill and dump, state has failed to suppress the Baloch nation in their democratic struggle for free and united Baloch state”, he added.

Mr Bugti strongly condemned brutal murder of  Mir Javed Mengal’s closest fellows in Khuzdar and pays richest tribute to the martyrs. He said sacrifices of Baloch martyrs would never go in vain but would bring a bright future for next generations.
He said that the heinous crimes of Pakistani state continued against Baloch people as forces killed three more Baloch activists under custody and dumped their bodies in Kech region in Balochistan a day before. The victims were identified as Bahot Baloch s/o Pir Mohammad, Wali Mohammad s/o Shekari Yousaf and Khalil Baloch.
Similarly, state forces attacked Baloch populated areas in Quetta, raided houses and abducted dozens of Baloch youths without any charges. “We are concerned about their lives” he said.
Spokesman appealed to the human rights organizations particularly united nation to take note of  heinous crimes being committed by Pakistani state forces in Balochistan. He urged civilized world to support the democratic struggle of Baloch people to regain their independence.

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