Tuesday 8 April 2014

The occupying forces carrying out a military operation and brutalized unarmed baloch civilians in Kalat, Mastung and Noshki

Balochistan: The occupying forces carrying out a military operation and brutalized unarmed baloch civilians in Kalat, Mastung and Nushki, and other adjoining area.The occupying Pakistani forces attacked on Baloch civilian  with gun ship helicopters and sophisticated weapon  which resulted 28 people killed and 24 wounded including women and children.

The injured people have not been allowed for medical treatment by the occupying forces; people need rescue and help from around the world.  There is no alternative for Baloch to live peacefully, because Pakistani forces systematically committing Baloch genocide, the Baloch people who want nothing more than freedom to live their life are being tactically uprooted and deracinated by the Pakistan on the name of terrorist.
The so-called occupying forces had showed their reality of their defeat, Pakistani coward forces destroyed the tombstones of graves of Baloch fallen heroes in New Kahan, Quetta. Destroying the tombstones of Baloch martyred will never make occupying forces success. (Are those dead body of martyred baloch are committing terrorist activity ? )

One mutilated dead bodies of Baloch activist were found dumped in Kech Pidrak on 3 April, the dead body had been identified as Naseem Baloch who was activist of Baloch National Movement (BNM). Two brother namely Hassan bugti and hussaino bugti, were abducted from their house by occupying forces in on 4 April 2014 from Sui district Dera bugti. Pakistani forces raided bookshop in Turbat and arrested several bookseller for keeping Balochi historic and other thing which related to Balochistan and balochi language. (The historical book were terrorist too?)
The forces did this just because of keeping everything down and thwarting Baloch national struggle.
The occupying forces claimed killing 28 terrorist.

Pakistan claims that its forces kill miscreant and terrorist, but usually women and children are being slaughtered in every operation and abducting  innocent people from their house, especially political worker, intellectuals and academician, students, taxi drivers, this is just conspiracy of Pakistan which is misleading the world, it’s just dust in eyes of world, Pakistan getting aid and support system from UN, and utilizing those tactic to suppress Baloch people, and to keep them further slave.

 It’s been 8 years since Pakistani forces killed Baloch leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti and claimed to finish the root of terrorism, since then in each day of years Pakistan have been claiming to capturing and killing terrorist and how came there are still terrorist, those claim of killing terrorist are based on lie and  Pakistan has been slaughtering women and children on the name of terrorist. We need international community to send fact finding mission and to find out all the human right violation committed by pakistan army and it death squad.

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