Saturday 22 February 2014

Seven abducted in Sui, houses of BRP activists attacked in Naseerabad

February 22, 2014
Pakistani security forces besieged many houses in Tehseel market in Sui town in Dera Bugti district on Saturday.
According Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army carried out raids in Phong colony, Tehseel market and Shekh Colony in Sui town. Forces violated household, harassed women and looted valuables from the houses.

At least seven people have been abducted by Pakistani forces during raids. The abdcutees have been named as Ghulam Rasool Bugti, Warna Bugti, Attaullah Bugti. kafeel Bugti, Juma Bugti, Shehaq Bugti and Ismail Bugti. Sources said that forces shifted the abducted people to the Sui army cantonment, where many people are suffering from the inhuman tortures of Pakistani forces since many years.

Meanwhile, Pakistani army along with local death squad attacked the houses of Baloch Republican Party activists Allah Bux Dherkani Baloch and Haddi Dherkani Baloch in Chattar area of Naseerabad district. According to BRP Media Cell sources ruthless Pakistani forces indiscriminately attacked the houses of BRP activists in Chattar area. Where forces harassed families of the activists and set eight houses on fire and took away 70 goats during operation.

A tribal leader, Wadera Mohammad Ali Bugti while talking to BRP Media Cell from Naseerabad, said that security forces had been carrying out such raids and attacks on daily basis in Chattar and other areas of Naseerabad. He alleged that Pakistani security forces abducting innocent villagers during daily raids later their bodies are being dumped after being killed in military torture cells.

Mr Mohammad Ali Bugti appealed civilized world to pressurize Pakistan to end it’s criminal activities against Baloch people.

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