Sunday 8 March 2015

Pakistani barbarism continues in many Baluchistan areas

Awaran Balochistan: The Pakistan Army has once again started their barbarism on the Baloch people. A huge military operation was carried out in the Nokjo area of Mashkey. Several houses were burned to the ground and as of last report; three people were abducted by Paksitani Forces.  The abducted people were identified as Ali Mohmmad, Islam Baloch and Alam Baloch.  During the seige, Pakistani Forces allegedly tortured the residents including women & children and looted valuables & livestock. Seperately, in Tump, Hammal s/o Yarh Mohammad, a resident of Kolao, was seriously injured by unknown gunmen firing.  Meanwhile Sharaf Baloch s/o Abdullah was abducted by Pakistani forces at Meeran Dam, Kech.
Pakistani Forces resumed their barbaric operation igain in Geshkor for a third time in the past month. During the most recent operation, last night; Pakistani Forces kidnapped 30 students, and destroyed many houses. Residents were beaten and tortured by State Forces including the women, children and elderly. Additionally State Forces looted the houses of cash, gold, valuables, and livestock. Several houses were set on fire during the attack, including the houses of recently martyred residentof the area Master Khuda Bux, who was abducted during an operation in the same area on February 11th. The mutilated remains of Master Khuda Bux were found in the Khuzdar area a few days ago. The homes of Liaqat Showaz s/o Khair Bux, Sameer Baloch s/o Noor Mohammad, Altaf Hussain s/o Hussain, Wahag s/o Nabi Dad, Maqbol s/o Pullan, Aqeel s/o Murad, Asif s/o Swani, and 9 other houses were burned to the ground.
In another area of Geshkor, Pakistani Forces attacked the Shahadad Market, Kachi Market, and Meer Imthan areas. Several villages in the areas were completely destroyed. Among the houses destroyed in the attacks were the homes of Lal Bux, Mohammad Ali, Shy Mohammad and Shakir s/o Qadir Bux.
For the past 2 months, Geshkor has been under constant attack by Pakistani Army.  Residents of the area are being harrassed, beaten, and tortured. As many as 60 people have been reported as abducted by State Forces. The bullet riddled bodies of four of those abductees have already been found dumped in the region. Pakistani Forces have even threatened the Geshkor residents demanding they vacate the area or in the next operation the women and children will also be disappeared. Large numbers of Geshkor residents have already been forced to leave the area as a result of Paksitan’s cruel military operations.

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