Sunday 15 March 2015

ISHR conference: BRP delegation visited and discussed situation of Balochistan with ISHR members.

Germany: A delegation of the Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter have participated in a conference held by the International society for human rights on it’s 46 anniversary in Bonn city, last Friday.
The delegates were the president of BRP Germany chapter, Mr. Ashraf Sher Jan, vice president Nasarullah Baloch and Jawad Mohammad. The delegation have visited the members of ISHR during the conference and informed them about the enforced disappearances and kill and dump of Baloch activists by Pakistani state.
Mr. Ashraf Sher Jan has told the members of the ISHR that every single person who is having opposite theory regarding state barbarism in Balochistan is being targeted.

He mentioned that even Baloch students are considered thorns by the Pakistani state and therefore they are inhumanely tortured and killed.
Mr Baloch informed senior ISHR board members that nearly 80 innocent Baloch civilians, mostly women and children were killed by the Pakistani state forces in a massive bombardment during an operation in Dera Bugti on March 17, 2005, adding that such heinous acts are still continue by the occupying state.
He further said that Dera Bugti to Mashkay and Karachi, Baloch genocide is continue everywhere. He said that the ISHR members had positive comments toward their representation and assured them of inviting Baloch Republican Party in programs by ISHR in future in order to expose the human rights violations in Balochistan.

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