Monday 17 November 2014

Protest over abduction of Bugti Baloch women and children by Pakistani forces

Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party Central spokesperson Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement said that the abduction of three Bugti women along with their four children at the hands of Pakistani army in Thondo Pusht area of Dera Bugti has raised a great anger among the Baloch people.
He said a protest demonstration was held by locals and the activists of Baloch Republican Party in Dera Bugti to condemn the abduction of Bugti Baloch wo men by Pakistani forces and urged the international community to take notice of the abductions of Baloch women by Pakistani army.
“State atrocities against the women in Balochistan is not a new phenomenon, he said. Adding that on 20 January 2011, Baloch Republican Party Quetta zone political activist Hanifa Bugti was dragged from her house and whisked away by Pakistani forces. From that day, he said, her fate remains unknown.
He further said that besides that incident, Zarina Marri Baloch along with her minor son was abducted by Pakistani forces. “On 3rd November, 2011 Pakistani forces carried out a deadly offensive in Patfeedar area of Sui and broke into houses, harassed & badly beaten up women, children. As a result Pazzo BiBi had succumbed to her injuries and died, Mr Bugti added.
Moreover, Pakistani army had took out an offensive against the civilian populace in RD 238 area of Sui Dera Bugti and set houses ablaze in which an aged woman Sazi Bugti was trapped by the fire and martyred there in 3 Oct. He said that on 04 February 2012, Pakistani intelligence agencies had targeted killed Godi Zamur Bugti, sister of top Baloch Leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, along with her teenage daughter Janan Bugti in Karachi.
“The attack on Baloch leader’s family was aimed to send him a message that if he does not quit the Baloch freedom struggle, his dear-ones will be targeted continuously but the history has witnessed that how Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti has defeated the occupying state by continuing his struggle forward” Mr Bugti said.
He further said that acid attacks on Baloch women and force closure of their schools in Balochistan by Pakistani forces is to force them into the darkness of ignorance. “The attack on Baloch women is attack on their dignity and honor because in the Baloch society women has a most respectable position and even in conflicts, women and children enjoy full immunity but the occupying and non-Islamic state of Pakistan and it’s forces have crossed all limits of atrocities against women, he said.
He then said that if the international community could highlight and raise their voice over the attack on Malala and honor her with Nobel Peace Prize then why were they silent on human rights violations and attacks on Baloch women in Balochistan. Adding that the silence of international community over the war crimes of Pakistani forces in Balochistan left a question mark on their face, he said that Pakistan has been violating several articles of the United Nation including the article on protection of women and human rights.
Talking about the visit of Pakistani Gen. Raheel Shareef to the USA, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti said that aid which Pakistan gets from the international countries in the name of war against terrorism was being misused in killing of innocents in Balochistan and against the Baloch freedom movement. Pakistan army has been fooling the civilized world in the name of countering terrorism, he added.
He further said that army operation were still going on in different areas of Balochistan including Dera Bugti, Bolan, Kohistan Marri, Makran and others. He urged the international community, human rights organization and the United Nations to take notice of Pakistan’s war crimes and attacks on Baloch women in Balochistan.

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