Monday 20 April 2015

BRSO held demonstration outside US conslate in Berlin to protest state barbarism in Balochistan.

Baloch Republican Students Organization stages a protest demonstration at Brandengurger tor, Berlin against the occupation of Balochistan, human rights abuses, extra judicial killings, abduction of peaceful Baloch activists, ban on education and killings of Baloch educators in occupied Balochistan.
Protesters were carrying pictures of the state victims, placards and banners subscribed with signs against the extra judicial killings of Baloch activists, safe release of abducted Bugti IDPs and stop Baloch genocide. The leaders of Baloch Republican Students organization, while addressing the protest have said that Pakistan invaded Balochistan on 27th of March 1948 and occupied the independent state of Balochistan. Ever since, Balochistan has been under illegal military rule from Islamabad.
Thousands of Baloch have been massacred, hundreds of thousands made refugees, and thousands more have disappeared or been tortured and jailed, often without trial. Pakistan is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity
The leaders said “Since the occupation, Pakistan conducted five major military offensives on the occasion of 1948, 1958, 1963, 1973 and the latest phase started in 2000 when the military dictator retired General Parvez Musharaf declared war against Baloch people.Thousands of Baloch were killed and abducted during each military operation since 1948. On this phase of military operation in 2000 Pakistani army launched a heavy military operation in Dera Bugti and killed 80 year old Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the head of Jamoori Watan Party, during the military operation forces killed hundreds of Baloch in Dera Bugti”.
BRSO Leaders further said that Pakistani forces and secret agencies are violating human rights in occupied Balochistan, more then twenty thousand Baloch have been abducted no one know about their whereabouts and forces killed and dumped thousands of Baloch activists in various part of Balochistan. Frontier core, a paramilitary force of Pakistan army is openly abducting Baloch peoples and peaceful Baloch activists, social workers, intellectuals, teachers, students, doctors and columnist in the crime of raising voice against the human rights abuses in Baluchistan”.
He added “Pakistani forces raided in Bugti refugee camp in Kandhkot, Sind on the first week of April 2015 and abducted 20 Bugti Baloch IDPs including 13 women and children. After the killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti a number of Bugti families moved to Sindh because of the situation and military preasure in the area”.
Meanwhile, Pakistani establishment using conspiracy against backwardness of Baloch youth from education. Number of terrorism activities which have gun down senior and most influenced Baloch teachers social workers and Baloch intellectuals which were affiliated on the capacity of Education sectors.
“The central chairman of Baloch students organization Zahid Baloch is one of the victim of Pakistani agency, he was a leader of a student organization and working to educate the Baloch society, he was abducted on March 2014 from Quetta by Frontier core. And a senior Baloch intellectual and educationalist Zahid Askani were gun down in Gwadar, Makaran division, by state backed death squad, he was representing the private education system in mostly areas of Makaran division”, they said.
BRSO Leaders appealed the international community, Human rights organizations, United nation and European Union to break their silence against Pakistani barbarism and raise voice against the tyrant army and ISI of Pakistan in solidarity with Baloch.

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