Friday 14 November 2014

Afghanistan: Car bomb blast targeted Bugti refugee Camp. BRP Media Cell

Afghanistan: Once again Pakistani secret agencies have targeted the Bugti refugees in Spin Boldak with a car bomb blast, where two passerby were killed while six members of Bugti refugees including women and children have been seriously injured.
According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell a car bomb blast has targeted the Bugti refugees in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan and killed at least two passerby while injured six innocent Bugti refugees.
Baloch Republican Party Central spokesman said that this is not the first time that secret agencies of Pakistan targeted Bugti refugees, adding that they have been attacked several times in past,
he said that Baloch are even being attacked outside Balochistan.
The attack on Bugti refugees on March 06, 2014 was also a car bomb blast carried out by ISI which wounded at least three children and four women of Bugti refugees. Similarly, the attack of December 15, 2013 has targeted killed two innocent Bugti refugees in front of their house in Afghanistan.

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