Monday 12 September 2016

Baloch Republican Party protests in Busan, against mass human right violations in Balochistan

Busan: Baloch Republican Party South Korea chapter held a protest demonstration against mass human right violations and recent wave of military operations by the Pakistani forces across Balochistan, especially in Dera Bugti, in the Busan City on Sunday.
Party activists and large number of South Korean citizen participated in the protest and express solidarity with Baloch oppressed people, with holding banners, inscribed with various anti-Pakistan slogan, and they held photos of victims of military operations, killed and dump in Balochistan.
BRP South Korea chapter President Ameer Mohammad Baloch, while addressing the protesters, said that blood of Baloch innocent civilians being shed like water by Pakistan army during their continued military operations in Balochistan where women and children are the prime target.
“People are being killed worse than animals; More than 100 people were killed in Dera Bugti over the past three weeks. Similar case in Makran where army forcefully abduct them from their houses and then kill and dump their dead bodies.” he added.
He also expressed grave concern about the lives of Baloch political activists whose house was besieged by the Pakistan army Turbat with women and children inside.
He wholeheartedly thanked PM Narendra Modi, Indian government and people for raising voice of Baloch oppressed people at international forum, and hoped for continued support in future.
He urged South Korean government and international human rights organization to take effective measures to pressurize Pakistan to stop Baloch Genocide.

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