Monday 15 August 2016

Welcome Modi’s statement on Balochistan, supporting Baloch should be a part of Indian foreign policy – Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti

Geneva: Prominent Baloch leader and the chief of Baloch Republican Party in a video on social networking site Facebook, thanked the Prime Minister on his statement regarding Balochistan and termed it to be encouraging for the Balochistan of people.
He said “Today, i would like to talk about the international political scene which is changing very fast in the favor of Baloch people. Recently, the statement of Indian Prime Minister in very high level all party meeting is very encouraging. I thank the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Sahib, for speaking about Balochistan problem.”
I thank Mr. Narendra Modi on behalf of Baloch nation, and we hope that the Indian government, Indian Media, and whole Indian nation will not only raise their voices for Baloch nation, but also strive to help, practically, the Baloch independence movement, the BRP chief said.
“I would also like to send a message to the Indian government, Indian media and the whole Indian people that Pakistan’s destructive role in Kashmir and its direct involvement in terrorist attacks in India, such as Mumbai and Pathankot, has been a very well exposed fact.
In this contest, raising voice for Balochistan should not be a temporary reaction or counter strategy by the Indian, but should be a sincere intention of the indian people to support their oppressed Baloch brothers and sisters, and also it should be a very serious part of the foreign policy of Indian government.
The Baloch people and the oppressed people of the world still remember and respect the decision of Indian government when India intervened and came for the rescue of Bengali people from Pakistani brutality in 1970s. Pakistan demands self-determination and self rule of Kashmiris, and at the same time, in Balochistan, they are crushing the same demands of Baloch people by force. This does not only exposes the double standards of Pakistan, but also, their evil designs to disrupt the peace and stability in the region” he added.
In the past, he said, “The role of Indian media had not been encouraging regarding Balochistan, if i may ask, How many people know about Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti in India? He is, to the Baloch people, what Mahatma Gandhi is to the Indians.
He was not only the leader of whole Baloch nation, but also an international figure who spent his entire life struggling for his people and was brutally assassinated by Pakistani army in a military operation in 2006. How many Indians know that Baloch people are a secular nation, and they respect all religions, equally? I would like to give an example here that when the house of my grandfather was attacked and bombed by the Pakistani forces on 17th March, 2007, the majority of the seventy civilians, killed in that attack, belonged to our Hindu community including women and children who had taken refuge and used to live in the premises of our house because they felt safe, there.”
And again, how many people in India know that thousands of Baloch youth are being tortured in the custody of Pakistani forces and more than twenty thousands of mutilated dead bodies of them have been recovered after they were tortured to death, and their dead bodies were dumped, he further said.
He also asked “How many people know that there is a military operation going on in every part of Balochistan where Baloch civilians, including women and children, are being killed on a daily basis. Despite all these facts, i think the recent developments from Indian government and Indian Media is very encouraging, and we hope that Indian government and Indian media will continue this in future.”
He went on saying “that i am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan Sahib, and also want to request both of them to please make a movie on Balochistan, because Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Sir you can do the role of my grandfather very well, and i hope you both will not disappoint us. Once again, thanks everybody who supports the Baloch cause and thanks the Indian media and Indian people.

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