Saturday 20 August 2016

Open massacre of 28 people in Dera Bugti Operation on 13 August – report

Dera Bugti: Pakistani forces and their death squads gathered in a large number and conducted a gory military operation in every corner of Dera Bugti on August 13, 2016. At least 28 people were brutally massacred and more than a dozen injured.
BRP Media Cell investigated the military operation of 13 August in different areas of Dera Bugti district including Sui, Suri, Takrov, Siyah Tang, Pashini, Langovi, Darenjan, Sharidarbar and Uch. More than six helicopters participated in the operation bombarding civilian populations of the areas.
The operation continued for five consecutive days resulting in the death of 28 people and injuring more than 30 others. Furthermore, houses were destroyed and cattles of the people were slaughtered.
It is worth to mention here that 4 of the victims in the 28 were women and one of them was a 7 years old child. In the areas such as mentioned above, cattles are the only source of income and the people who were killed in the military operation belonged to different simple walk of lives such as farming, selling and etcetera.
BRP Media Cell team interviewed some of the abductees who were later released and they described how Pakistani army shot dead their beloved ones in ISIS-Style executions.
“They dragged us into their military trucks and blindfolded us. They (the killed victims) were lined up, while we were being forced to watch them, and they were shot one by one by Pakistan army”, they said.
BRP Media Cell sources also confirmed the identity of the victims killed in the 13 August Massacre as: 1) Sarang Marri, 2) Abdul Rehman Marri, 3) Zaman Khan Marri, 4) Mubarak Marri, 5) Gauru s/o Chilav Bugti, 6) Lalain w/o Gauru Bugti, 7) Shani d/o Gauru Bugti, 8) Zeenat d/o Gauru Bugti, 9) Nana s/o Shah Mohammad Bugti, 10) Dazo s/o Lal Mohammad BUgti, 11) Sami w/o Dazo Bugti, 12) Karam Khan s/o Zahro Bugti, 13)  Nazi d/o Zahro Bugti, 14) Gul Khan Bugti, 15) Shah Murad Bugti, 16) Hammal s/o Ghulam Nabi Bugti, 17) Faraz (7 yrs) s/o Hammal Bugti, 18) Abdul Rahman Bugti, 19) Siddique s/o Abdul Rahman Bugti, 20) Atta Ur Rehman Bugti, 21) Answar Bugti, 22) Gulzar Bugti, 23) Shah Jamal s/o Nabi Dad Bugti, 24) Nawaz Ali Bugti s/o Nabi dad Bugti, 25) Pahlwan Bugti s/o Mohammad Baksh Bugti, 26) Badkurdar Bugti s/o Mohammad Baksh Bugti, Eido Bugti.
Meanwhile, Pakistani forces handed over three mutilated dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch to a local hospital in Awaran.
The victims were identified as Sulaiman Baloch, Noor Baksh Baloch and Muraad Baloch.

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