Saturday 21 May 2016

Custodial killings in Balochistan: Mutilated body of abducted BRP activist found dumped in Mashkai

Quetta: Baloch Republican Party spokesman, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti said in statement that violations against Baloch civilians were being increased in every corner of Balochistan with passage of everyday. Intensive Military was underway in Awaran, Kech and Dera Bugti where innocent civilians are being targeted.  
Yesterday, two Baloch victim of enforced disappearances, whose name and detail were part of record, killed and dumped by Pakistani forces in Awaran in a stage encounter. Whereas BRP member, Sarwar s/o Haso Baloch killed and dumped in Chorchori area of Mashkay. He was abducted on 27 february this year by state forces, The spokesman paid tribute to martyred Sarwar and said that Mission of Baloch martyrs will be continued.
He further said that grand-scale military operation, backed by gunship helicopter,  was also underway in Kalbar area of Tump and in Saji area of Gwadar, where massive civilian casualties feared as the state forces continue to bombard civilians population.
Mr Bugti said that military forces have increased their movements in different area of panjgur which may lead to another brutal killing of Baloch people in the district.  
The spokesman further said that Baloch people also suffer state terrorism outside of Balochistan, adding that state forces once again attacked on Bugti refugees camp in Nimroz province of Afghanistan. The house of BRP Switzerland chapter activist, Jamal Khan Bugti was targeted with motorcycle bomb explosion. Fortunately no one was hurt in his family but two passerby got injured. Later on after the investigation, the local police confirmed that Pakistan’s intelligence agency was behind the attack.
The spokesman appealed to international community and human right organization to take practical step in order to provide safety to Baloch refugees outside of Balochistan and to prevent genocide of Baloch who suffer everyday life in Balochistan.

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