Friday 5 February 2016

Dera Bugti operation continuing with further intensity since January – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Baloch Republican Party central spokesmen, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti in his statement said that Dera Bugti operation, launched in the beginning of this January, is continuing with more intensity.
He said that Pakistan army indiscriminately fired morter shells over the civilian population in Zainkoh: Naseer Bugti and his entire family, a sister, wife and his minor, were killed when a mortar shell hit his house.
Different areas of Pirkoh including Loop, Shirani, Pathar while Chathar and adjacent areas of Naseerabad are under aggression of Pakistan army which includes heavy bombardment on civil populace of the areas; in addition, dozens cattle of the locals were butchered, and their houses were burned down after being looted.
Exit and entrances to the areas have been sealed and people are under heavy siege.
He further said that Pakistan had been escalating war crimes in Balochistan to which the human rights commission turned their back.
Baloch Republican Party urges the media and human rights organizations including HRCP to visit Dera Bugti, examine, and highlight the situation there.

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