Saturday 16 January 2016

BRP France: Balochistan human rights abuses discussed with Amnesty Group

France: A delegation from Baloch Republican Party, headed by BRP representative Mr. Shah Nawaz Bugti, met the representatives of human rights groups including those of amnesty international’s Grenoble chapter and discussed human rights situation in Balochistan.
The delegation briefed the representatives about human rights violations: Particularly, enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings of political activists, recovery of mass graves and mutilated dead bodies in Balochistan.
A detailed report on target killings of Baloch refugees and frequent attacks on them in Afghanistan have also been briefed. The representatives of amnesty international assured that the report will be dispatched to the central representation of the group.
Mr. Shah Nawaz Bugti told the representatives that Amnesty international reported the human rights abuses in Balochistan but did not take any action in three years due to which the abduction and custodial killings of Baloch political activists by Pakistani forces has been continuing to this day.
The BRP representatives urged the human rights groups to send a fact finding mission to Balochistan and examine the ground realities in order to know the situation faced by the Baloch people.
Baloch Republican Party activist, Siddiq Bugti, was also in the delegation and informed the HR representatives about the situation faced by Baloch refugees.

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