Thursday 6 August 2015

Pakistani forces must accept their defeat and come to negotiation table – Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti

Geneva: Baloch national leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti has said in a recent statement that military operations in Balochistan have been intensified in every corner of Balochistan. He said Pakistani forces were abducting and killing innocent Baloch civilians after labelling them as terrorists which was a failed attempt to hide state atrocities against the Baloch nation and to pave the way for international companies & foreign countries particularly China to plunder the Baloch national wealth.
He said that the Pakistani forces started the Kill and Dump in 2010 which was being intensified with every passing moment. “The state forces have completely failed to deter the Baloch masses from the struggle for their rights and freedom”, he added.
“Pakistani state has been establishing puppet governments in Balochistan consisted of corrupt people to confuse the civilized world about the situation in Balochistan. These people do not have the right to question let alone being part of the decision making process. Wherever foreign powers occupied a territory, they used such puppet governments in order to conceal their crimes.”
While commenting on the statement of Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Nasir Khan Janjua, he said  “claiming that the fifth Baloch struggle for freedom was going to end is nothing but deceiving their own people and falsely pleasing themselves.”
He said that when the current military operation started in Balochistan in 2004, the Pakistani generals had been claiming that the Baloch struggle was limited to two districts while they had been claiming the surrender of forty to fifty people every week since 2005. “The state of their confusion is such that sometimes they apologize to the Baloch for their wrongdoings and sometime they threaten to exterminate the entire Baloch nation. Sometime they threaten to uproot us after accusing us of extremism while sometimes they call us estranged brothers & claim to engage in efforts to placate us”.
He said that the state was so afraid of the Baloch struggle that Baloch youth were being abducted and killed to suppress their voice. Discussions and lectures on Balochistan were banned in universities in Karachi and Lahore. “The ground situation is such that one has to register oneself at ten to fifteen places at the checkpoints of the forces & has to be checked dozens of times before entering Sui and Dera Bugti. Despite this, Dera Bugti, Marri areas and Makran are the places where media has no access”, he said.
He said that the Pakistani media persons were not allowed to report, discuss or even talk about Balochistan. “General Janjua should examine this situation and decide who is defeated and who is facing psychological defeat.” he added.
“General Musharraf had also claimed that he would only rest after defeating the Baloch struggle but he badly failed. General Kayani continued the same policies and intensified them but he also faced the same fate. Now, General Raheel Shareef and his subordinates are also using apolitical and non-serious behaviour but we want to make it clear that the Baloch is a peaceful and civilized nation and we believe that every issue should be resolved politically but that is taken as our weakness then it would be a huge misunderstanding” he said.
He said that those who think they could oppress the Baloch struggle by use of force, massacre and terrorists activities live in fools’ paradise. “We suggest the Pakistani rulers examine the results of the ongoing military operation which started in early 2000s and accept their defeat by reading the writing on the wall and come to the negotiation table.” he added.
BRP president while commenting about media said the Pakistani journalists say that if Baloch do not negotiate then put eight bullets in their heads. “Is it what called ‘free media’ where such language is used? A nation is deprived of its land and resources. It’s political leaders and activists are killed and their mutilated dead bodies are dumped on isolated places. The DG ISI directly issue instructions to ban discussions on Balochistan in universities. If something more brutal is required then these journalists should come and put eight bullets in heads of all Baloch but what if the army refuse to negotiate? Would these journalists also suggest to put bullets to the army officials too?” he asked.
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said that Nawaz Shairf once claimed he loved the Bugti tribe more than any other tribe in Baloch nation. “If this is how Nawaz Sharif show his love that anybody who speaks of rights is killed and dumped, imagine what would be the situation in his enmity”.
While discussing the difference between the pro-independence Baloch political parties, he said that the Baloch nation should not be disappointed by the disunity among political groups as such movement always faced such differences and they’re resolved politically. “If the political activists and parties can sacrifice their lives for the struggle for national freedom, they could also forget their differences and unite. BRP wishes to unite all Baloch political parties on a single platform.”
Commenting on the issue of coalition with BNP he said that he was asked about the collaboration with other groups in Balochistan, to which he had replied that BRP was a political party and it had no relation with armed groups but collaborates with other political parties. “BRP can go for a coalition with any political party on the ground that they agree with the political agenda of freedom. As far as the current stance of BNP is concerned, it is impossible for BRP to form a coalition with it. However, BRP can join hands with any party who shares the agenda of Balochistan’s independence.” He added.
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said that some people were constantly trying deliberately or unintentionally to create confusion in the Baloch struggle which is only benefiting the state. He appealed to the nation to ignore the negative propaganda of such elements play an active  role in the struggle for freedom. He directed the BRP activists to avoid indulge in negative propaganda and play their part to solve the challenges facing the Baloch national struggle.

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