Friday 19 June 2015

Protest for safe recovery of loved-ones: relatives blocked the main road

Quetta: According to the Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources inhabitants of Khaliq Abad have blocked the main Quetta to Karachi road protesting for immediate return of their loved ones abducted by Pakistani forces in a raid on Monday.
The protesters claimed that Pakistani forces barged into their houses, harrassing women and children and abducting their relatives including Masood Ahmad Nichari, Jalil Ahmad Nichari, Farooq Nichari, Majid Nichari, Attaullah Kaloi, Saleh Mohammad Kaloi and Ghulam Hussain Langov, late on Monday night.
“If our loved-ones are guilty of a crime, they shall be brought to justice,” protesters who were large in number including women and children emphasised.
After a compromise with the local authorities, the protesters calm down, saying they would block the road if their detained relatives aren’t released immediately.
In other reports: A local teacher, Baitualla, was abducted in a raid in a hotel by Pakistani forces in Tump after which his whereabouts remained with him.
The incident have raised anger between the residents which turn into a large demonstration in the area and they have protested the abduction of the teacher.
Let it be reminded that on 14 June, 240 Baloch persons, mostly youth, were abducted by Pakistani forces for being alleged militants, who, according to locals were innocent labourers.

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