Saturday 6 June 2015

Abduction of brother and uncle were aimed at keeping me from freedom movement – Azizullah Bugti

Switzerland: Secretary General of Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter, Mr. Azizullah Bugti, in a statement said that abduction of his younger brother and aged uncle was an attempt by Pakistani occupying state to weaken and keep me from the Baloch freedom movement.
“It’s not that i do not care about my beloved relatives, i do, but i am convince to not let these cheap state tactics to be an obstacle in my way of struggle”, Mr. Aziz said.
He further said that there were already abducted Baloch persons who were probably facing inhuman torture in Pakistani torture cell, adding that they were also someone’s brother, father or an elder.
“I am not afraid of Pakistan or it’s tactics, nor are they going to sabotage my struggle which is highlighting Pakistani state barbarism in Balochistan, at the United Nations”, Mr. Bugti said.

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