Thursday 14 May 2015

Three Baloch civilians killed in bombardment of Pakistan army in Mastung – BRP Media Cell

Mastung: Earlier this morning, a number of Pakistani troops backed by gun-ship helicopters launched intense operation in areas of Mastung and Bolan.
Local sources told Baoch Republican Party Media Cell, that hundreds of armed Pakistani troops with armored vehicles, equipped with heavy and modern weapons besieged Johan, Isplinji and neighboring areas of Mastung.
Forces broke into the houses, harassed and beaten up civilians while abducting eight unarmed civilians, sources said.
Meanwhile, about a twelve gun-ship helicopters heavily bombarded Dilband, Narmuk, Gokhani and nearby areas of Bolan the whole day, in which three shepherd were killed, while a passenger vehicle was destroyed as it was hit by the indiscriminate shelling of gunship helicopters .

The identity of killed and abducted men were could not be ascertained immediately as the affected areas were under siege until filling of this report.

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