Tuesday 12 May 2015

Dera Bugti: Pakistan army attacked Math village, dumped bodies of two abducted men, carried away five others – Sher Mohammad Bugti

Geneva: The Central spokesman of the Baloch Republican Party, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement said that Pakistani forces siege and conducted a blood-spattered military operation in “Maht”, an area near Sui, earlier Sunday morning adding that the operation was continue for an entire day.
“Many houses were set on fire after being looted of valuable and dead bodies of two previously abducted persons, Kohi Bugti s/o Baksh Ali and Sahin Dad s/o Khan Mohd Bugti, were dumped during the operation.
Both victims were abducted by Pakistani security forces two days back from RD 238 area of Sui,” he said.
Mr. Bugti said that the reason behind dumping the dead bodies of abducted persons and declaring them militant by Pakistani forces, was to hide their war crimes and pretend as if they are innocent, before the human rights organizations.
He further said that Pakistan forces abducted and made disappear at least five Baloch persons, who were identified as Osman s/o Pesha Bugti, Lambo s/o Trati Bugti, Ismail s/o Mawali Bugti, Wahid s/o Ghahinda Bugti and Buzdar s/o Balochan. He said while the international mothers day was being celebrated around the world, Pakistani forces were busy in separating Baloch mothers from their sons.
“Despite the intensifying Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan, the United Nation has been keeping silence over it, which is letting Pakistan commit more Human rights violations in Balochistan with full immunity,” Mr. Bugti said.
He urged the human rights groups to take an immediate notice against Baloch genocide and intervene in Balochistan to halt the Pakistani war crimes.

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