Wednesday 26 February 2014

This weekend five civilians have been killed in a massive army operation in Awaran.

This weekend five civilians have been killed in a massive army operation in Awaran. Nawaz s/o Nodal, Tajo Haji, Master Mullah Noor Mohmed s/o Mussa, Gulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang were killed when Pakistani Forces bombarded villages in the Jaho region of Awaran. Eight people including two women and a baby girl have been critically injured in the attack. Aerial bombardments and ground assaults devastated the villages of Goro, Mullay Gazzi and several others. On the same day unknown gunmen killed one person from Bypass Quetta and two people were seriously injured by unknown gunmen firing from Khuzdar Balochistan.

On Saturday Pakistani security forces besieged many houses in Tehseel market in Sui town in Dera Bugti district. According to the Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistani Army carried out raids in Phong colony, Tehseel market and Shekh Colony in Sui town. Forces destroyed households, harassed women and looted valuables from the houses. At least seven people have been abducted by Pakistani forces during these raids. The abdcutees have been named and the Baloch people fear for their lives.

Sources claim that forces shifted the abducted people to the Sui army compound, where many people are suffering from the inhuman tortures of Pakistani forces since many years. Meanwhile, Pakistani army along with local death squad attacked the houses of Baloch Republican Party activists Allah Bux Dherkani Baloch and Haddi Dherkani Baloch in Chattar area of Naseerabad district. Forces harassed the families of the activists and set eight houses on fire and took away 70 goats during operation. 66 years ago Pakistan started the deadly military operations in Balochistan 66 years ago.

The attempts to tackle Baloch resistance against oppression has developed in straight forward ethnic cleansing by the Pakistani military and security forces (ISI). Even though it is extremely difficult for journalists and researchers to enter Balochistan, the Baloch manage to keep a very detailed track record of attacks and abductions, including the names of victims. The information is all available. Therefore it is sad and shocking that the international community turns a blind eye and seems to choose not to hear the cries and recognise the international protests of the Baloch people. Strikes and campaigns.

The BRP announced a strike call on Wednesday the 26th of February 2014 against killing of 5 Baloch in Chahsar Turbat Balochistan. BYW, BSO-AZAD and BNM Support the BRP strike call. On the 5th of March the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons starts an awareness campaign to at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, from noon till 4pm. In a statement IVBMP Co-ordinator Aziz Baloch said “Our campaign is aimed to educate the public, students and academia about on-going Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) peaceful and historical long march for justice and human rights.” The IVBMP invites all human rights defenders and everyone to attend & show their solidarity for the #VBMPLongMarch and call upon the United Nations, International Human Rights Organizations, and the entire democratic civilized world for help.

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