Wednesday 19 February 2014

Five killed 31 abducted in massive military operation in Awaraan - BRP Media Cell

 February 19, 2014 

Pakistan army has launched fresh military offensives in different areas of Awaraan district of Balochistan on Wednesday morning. Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported, that at least five people were killed while two children among eight wounded in the bombardment of Pakistani security forces in Jhaho area of Awaraan district.

According to details, Pakistan army conducted an operation in different areas of Awaran region including Jhaho, Khoro and Melahe Gazi. Forces indiscriminately bombarded the villages and killed at least five people in the grand scale operation. The deceased were identified as Nawaz s/o Nodil, Taj M s/o Haji, Noor M s/o Musa, Ghulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang. Two children among eight people were wounded as the result of the brutal bombardment of ruthless Pakistan Army.

BRP Media Cell sources said that forces abducted more than 30 civilians including nine years old wounded child Ganj Baksh Balocoh during operation. The abductees are named as Ibraheem Baloch, Hasil Hasrat, Musa Baloch, Nazeer Baloch, Raza Baloch, Kareem Dad Baloch, Shams Baloch, Sidiq Baloch, Aalim Baloch, Daolat Baloch, Dil Jan Baloch, Ferooz Shah Baloch, Salah Baloch Qadir Dad Baloch, Hazoor Baksh Baloch, Deen Mohammad Baloch, Lal Baksh Baloch, Phalan Baloch, Aqeel Baloch, Siraj Baloch, Mulla Baksh Baloch, Sawal Baloch, Akhtar Baloch, Saleem Baloch, Wazir Baloch, Sabir Baloch, Attaullah Baloch, Sawadi Baloch, Rafiq, Khair Mohammad and Abdullal Baloch.

Security forces shifted these abducted people to an undisclosed location and their whereabouts remain unknown until filling of this report. Sources said that Pakistani forces destroyed dozens of houses and three shops during operation in Jhaho and its surrounding areas. Army has used helicopters in the operation and indiscriminately fired mortar shells on the civilians populated area which caused heavy casualties. All sort of humanitarian aid is blocked to the area.

Baloch National Movement spokesman, in a statement condemned the military operation in Awaraan region and said that Occupying pakistani forces intensified their Baloch genocidal policies across Balochistan. Killings of innocent people has become common practice for the occupying state forces. Spokesman urged Human rights organization particularly United Nation to break their silence and speak up over the Pakistani state brutalities in Balochistan

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