Thursday 21 April 2016

Pakistani forces killing political activists in fake encounters – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti said Pakistani forces increased its brutality to very high level.
He said that Pakistani forces with the support of China’s billions of dollar funds, is engaged in effort to eliminate Baloch from earth. Pakistan probably is unaware about Baloch history that Baloch will never be defeated through the use of power.
“Baloch nation will defend its territory and resources at any cost. It’s not possible to make Baloch slave by brutal killings” he added.
Mr. Bugti further said that Pakistan forces killed two Baloch youth in fake encounter in Awaran district. The victims have been identified as Majid s/o Umar, Adil s/o Rahim Bakhsh who were being held in custody since january of this year. Majid Baloch was abducted from a market in Awaran in 6 january, 2016 whereas its fellow abducted on 27 February, 2016. They were killed on 19 April and their mutilated dead bodies were handed over to Awaran administration.
In addition, the spokesman said Pakistani forces attacked and burned house of Haji Bakhsh Derkani in Lundi Naseer area of Nasirabad. Forces abducted Derkani and killed in custody, later his dead body was handed over to Local authorities of Sohbatpur.
Similarly, Pakistan forces abducted two Baloch namely Abdul Haman s/o barman Bugti and Gull Mohammad bugti with their motorcycle in Kattan area of Sui, Mr Bugti said.
Mr Bugti further said that Pakistani forces using Chinese and US aid to suppress Baloch freedom movement and continue to increase its savagery over them.
Sher Mohammad Bugti appealed to human rights organizations and countries of the region to come forward and play their roles to help Baloch and stop Baloch genocide.

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