Wednesday 29 July 2015

Military operations, custodial killings won’t stop liberation movements of Sindh & Balochistan – BRP

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party central spokesman in a statement said that Pakistani forces continue committing atrocities, gross human rights violations and war crimes in Balochistan.
Mr Bugti said forces have started operation on Eid days that is still going on in the areas of Awaran and Mashkai, in which dozens of civilians have reportedly been killed and wounded.
He further said that the affected areas are still under siege, forces denying local access to martyrs and injured people. He said many people and a large number of livestocks were killed due to heavy bombardment of Pakistani forces. “Forces are not allowing the dead to be buried which is causing odor in the whole area.”
Sher Mohammad Bugti said, residents of Awaran and its adjacent areas continue to suffer from lack of food and water as blockade continues for several day. He said phones and communication lines were suspended and military operation in Mashkai was continued.
“In past four days, Pakistani forces killed four innocent Baloch civilians in Zong area of Mashkay, whom were identified as Usman, Shikari, Mola Baksh and Mohammad Ali”, Mr Bugti added.
Pakistani forces looted livestock and valuables from the houses of Farhad, Raheem Baksh and Sufi Rehmat and torched them, dozens of innocent civilians were abducted during operation, he said.
He stated that Pakistani forces have abducted around a dozen of people from Pasni during raids in different areas.
“The chief of occupying Pakistani army in his recent visit to Panjgur district gave free hands to forces to carry out Baloch genocide and he ordered to eliminate the entire Baloch nation from the face of the earth, under that policy human rights violation and war crimes are being committed in the areas of Balochistan particularly Awaran, Pasni and Dera Bugti.”
“These atrocities being committed to please China, and Pak want to assure China that every barrier to the so-called CPEC will be eliminated.”
Moreover, BRP spokesman condemned the custodial killing of Sindhi Nationalist Raja Dahir by the ruthless Pakistani army in strongest terms. He paid richest tribute to Raja Dahir, for giving great sacrifice for freedom of Sindhudesh.
Mr Bugti said that Pakistan was using failed tactics of pick, kill and dump in Sindh which it has been using in Balochistan but they have badly failed. He said that such atrocities would not stop the liberation movements of Sindh and Balochistan.

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