Thursday 12 February 2015

Military offensives in Kharan & Pasni: Nine Baloch killed, seven abducted. | BRP Media Cell

Balochistan: At least nine people killed and seven abducted during Pakistan army’s operation in Kharan and Gwadar districts on Tuesday.
According to Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources, Pakistan Army besieged Besima area in Kharan district earlier hours of Tuesday morning and launched a deadly operation.
While military helicopters hovered the sky. Military started indiscriminate firing on civilian settlement with modern assault weapons in Besima. Nine Balochs were killed in cold blood on the spot. deceased were identified as Zia ur Rehman s/o Mohammad Bux, Fazal s/o Mohammad Bux, Mohammad Bux s/o Haji Noor Mohammad, Aslam s/o Imam Bux Baloch, Allah Rahim s/o Jan Mohammad, Majid s/o Abdul Rahim, Abdul Hamid s/o Haji Noor Mohammad, Siraj s/o Abdul Ghani and Asmatullah s/o Abdul Ghani.

Four Baloch youths were abducted and taken to undisclosed torture cells.
In another incident in Gwadar district of Balochistan, three Baloch youths were abducted by Pakistani forces during an operation from Kulanch area of Pasni but their identity could not be ascertained immediately.

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