Friday 12 December 2014

Pakistani forces killed three civilians and abducted other three in Sui operation

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces conducted an operation in Katan area of Sui, Dera Bugti and abducted three Baloch civilians while killed other three member of the same family earlier in this morning.
Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources told that an offensive carried by Pakistani military forces has took place in Katan area of Dera Bugti where at least three people were abducted. Two of them were identified as Bachal s/o Mengal and Jong Ali s/o Zarkhan Bugti while the sources couldn’t verified the identity of the third victim until filling of this report.
Sources also told that Shehzada Bugti s/o Mehmood Bugti was killed along with his 3 years old daughter and wife Mrs Shehzada Bugti. Meanwhile, several houses were burned down during the Pakistani army’s operation in Katan area of Sui Dera Bugti.
Moreover, Shaheed Shehzada Bugti’s brother Shaheed Ashraf Bugti and Shaheed Yara Bugti  were already killed and dumped by Pakistani forces under custody in 18th February, 2013. They were abducted from Dera Bugti a day before their dead bodies were discovered.
Furthermore, Pakistani forces attacked the house of Baloch Republican Party CC member Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Bugti in Mangoli area of Naseerabad district. Forces harassed women, children and took away valuables belongings of the house, while burnt their farms in which several farmers were injured due to the intense burn.

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