Tuesday 9 September 2014

Baloch Republican Party protests and highlighted Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan.

London:  Baloch Republican Party United Kingdom chapter protested in front of British house of Lords against human rights violations in Balochistan such as enforced disappearances, military operations, closure of schools and kill and dump by Pakistani army.
Baloch Republican Party UK chapter’s President Mansoor Baloch and number of Baloch political and human rights activists participated in the protest and highlighted recent military operations in Tump, Gomazi, Awaraan and Punjgor, where dozens of Baloch civilians were killed as Pakistani army’s fighters jets bombarded civilians populations.
Mansoor Baloch said while addressing protesters that Pakistani forces accelerated atrocities against Baloch civilians such as military operations, forced disappearances, kill and dump. “Pakistani forces destroyed villages in Punjgor, Tump, Gomazi and abducted dozens Baloch civilians during operations.
He further said that Baloch Republican Party strongly condemns the attacks on Zikri Baloch and target killings of Baloch political activists. He appealed the Human rights organizations for an immediate action against Pakistani army for committing gross human rights violations in Balochistan.

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