Thursday 28 August 2014

Balochistan bleeds: State sponsored extremists kills 3 journalist, 8 zikris; bodies of BRP activists dumped in Nawabshah – BRP

Eleven people including two journalists were killed in different firing incident in Quetta and Awaran while three bullet riddled bodies recovered in Nawabshah on Thursday.
According to details, senior journalist Irshad Mastoi, trainee reporter Abdul Rasul and an accountant Mohammed Younus were shot by unknown  gunmen in attack on news agency’s office in Jinnah road, Quetta. Irshad Mastoi was working as bureau chief of the Online news agency.
While eight people were killed as state backed death squad attacked a  “Zigr-Khana” in Awaraan District. According to Baloch National Movement press release state sponsored religious extremists attacked a mosque (Zigr Khana) of Zigri sect in Awaran. Eight worshippers were killed and three have been wounded in the attack. Killed people were identified as Bakhtiar s/o Manda, Niaz s/o Bangul, Saeed s/o Dilmurad, Dad Jan s/o Mirdost, Allah baksh s/o Usman and Dilpul s/o Ramzan.

Moreover, three bullet riddled bodies were found dumped in Sakrand town of Nawabshah early today. The victims were identified as Sher Dil Bugti s/o Dur Mohammad Bugti, Sabzal Bugti s/o Nawaz Gul Bugti and Sahib Marri s/o Nehal Marri. Sher Dil Bugti and Sabzal Bugti were affiliated with Baloch Republican Party and Sahib Marri was a Marri tribal elder, killed and dumped by Pakistani agencies in Nawabshah today.
According to Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti, Sher Dil Bugti was abducted by Pakistani forces from Hyderabad, Sindh on 8th of June, 2014. While Sahib Marri along with Sabzal Bugti were abducted by state agencies in Matiari  on August, 27, 2014.
Baloch Republican Party strongly condemned assassination of journalist Irshad Mastoi and attacks on Zikri worshippers. Spokesman said Pakistani forces have brutally tortured and killed two activists of BRP under custody and their bullet riddled bodies were dumped in Sakrand area of Nawabshah. He further said Irshad Mastoi was honest journalist who dared to spoke against state atrocities in Balochistan.
Mr Bugti said Pakistani state has been funding and training religious extremist groups to counter Baloch liberation movement. He appealed to the civilized world to take note of Pakistan’s jihadi plans before its too late.

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