Thursday 3 April 2014

Martyrs of Murghaap Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Lala Muneer Baloch

"Martyrs of Murghaap" These three legend leaders of Baloch Nation were abducted by Pakistani occupying forces, later their bulled riddled bodies were dumped in Murghaap area in Turbat.

On 9th of April 2009. Martyr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch was founder of "Baloch National Movement", Martyr Sher Mohammad Baloch was central deputy general secretary at Baloch Republican Party and Martyr Lala Muneer was also affiliated with BNM.

Sacrifices of martyrs of Murgaap strengthened national liberation movement and inspired the Baloch masses to join the movement in large numbers.

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