Sunday 9 March 2014

Three Baloch Students critically injured in pre-planned attack by gangsters

A gang of eight students attacked and critically wounded three Baloch students in Preston University Islamabad on Saturday.

According details Baloch students Khalid Kurd, Mehran and Fakhar were having lunch at University’s cafe. When a gang of eight students Umer Satti, M.Ali, Ahtasham, Afridi BBA students in Preston university led by Mashood Ali approached them started swearing them for speaking Balochi with each other.

They thugs were armed having daggers and they punched Khalid Baloch on his forehead with Knuckle duster. Khalid forehead started bleeding but they continue beating Khalid and his friend until they got unconscious and fell on ground.

The University administration did not come to the rescue of Baloch students. In fact later the university administration turned against the Baloch students and was found to be protective of those criminals. Baloch students reported it to nearest police station which is I 9 Thana. ASI Ashraf registered their complaint

 but no arrest was made until the filing of this report.

The injured students were brought to PIMS Hospital and each one got 5 to 6 stiches. Their MRI and X-Ray results show that their wounds were serious and it was an obvious murder attempt.

The V.C of Preston University and director colonel Nadeem called these Baloch students for a meeting on Monday morning at 11am. But it is not yet known whether any action has been taken against the criminals who attacked and injured Baloch students.

There is CCTV camera and that is quite credible evidence of the incident. The University administration has the CCTV evidence.

It is the fourth time that Baloch students studying in Balochistan have been attacked and the government of Punjab has not taken any action against those responsible for such attacks. 

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